Project Status

You can find a status overview for the most important project components on this page.

Featurehub Server (beta)

The Featurehub Shell is the heart of the Featurehub platform. It's responsible for user and group management, produces the HTML5 user interfaces and contains all componens neccessary for connecting to container apps and device clients.

Featurehub illustration
Component Status
Home Screen beta
Task Mananger beta
Desktop Mananger pending
Group Mananger pending
Public Signup pending
Admin Feature alpha
Settings Feature alpha
Store Feature alpha
QR-Code Feature alpha
NFC Feature alpha
Radar Feature pending

Featurehub Store (alpha)

Component Status
Startscreen alpha
Public Signup pending

Android/IOS App (alpha)

Component Android IOS
Fundamentals beta pending
WebView integration beta pending
QR-Code Scanner beta pending
NFC Reader alpha pending
GEO Location alpha pending
Compass pending pending

Raspberry-Pi Client (beta)

Raspberry-Pi Client
Component Status
ElectronJS Client beta
C# Client pending

Currently working on

Creating an app prototype for Android, including: